Here you can enter or modify any locations that should not be scanned. Note however, that exclusions specified here will not apply to any other manual or scheduled scans, or to the real-time shields.

To exclude files from being scanned by all parts of avast!, including manual and scheduled scans, and the real-time shields, it is necessary to specify the files or areas to be excluded in the general program settings.

To exclude a location or file, first click the box where it says <enter path> and then either type the location or file to be excluded, or alternatively, click the “Browse” button, check the box next to the location or file to be excluded, then click “ok”.

If you want to exclude a folder, including all of its sub-folders, it is necessary to add “\*” to the end of the folder name e.g. C:\Windows\*.

To remove a location or a file from the exclusions list, click on it once to select it, then click the “delete” button.