Real-time shield settings

The settings for any of the real-time shields can be changed at any time by opening the user interface, clicking the “real-time shields” tab and selecting the appropriate shield. Here you will see the “Main settings”.

In the graph at the bottom of each screen, you can see the shield’s recent activity – the amount of incoming and outgoing data which has been scanned by the shield. To see a more detailed view, click on “Show traffic history”. On the Statistics screen, you can view the data for any of the real-time shields over the period selected. To change the scale of any part of the graph, click on the vertical line and drag it to the right. To return to the previous view, just click on “Show all” and the previous view will be restored.

By clicking on “Expert settings” you will gain access to the more detailed shield settings.

To completely turn off a particular shield, click on “Stop” and from the drop-down menu, select for how long you want the shield to remain turned off.

To restart a shield that has been stopped, just click “Start”.

To stop all of the shields at the same time, just right-click the orange avast! icon in the system tray, click “avast! shields control” and select the period for which they should be stopped.