Behavior shield expert settings

Main settings:

Here you can specify what type of activity is monitored and what action should be taken if such activity is detected. The default action is “Auto-decide”, which means avast! will decide whether or not it should be allowed based on a range of criteria, however by clicking on the drop-down arrow, you can ensure that such activity is always “Allowed”, or always “Blocked”, or that you are “Asked” what action to take in each case. If the action is changed to “Ask” you will see a message whenever such activity is detected and you will need to confirm whether or not it should be allowed.

Trusted processes:

On this screen, you can define what processes (programs, files etc.) are trusted and should always be allowed to continue. Some programs may behave in a way that avast! considers suspicious, but if they are defined as “trusted”, their actions will automatically be allowed.

To add a trusted process, click on the “browse” button to locate it on your computer, then click “Add”. To remove a trusted process, click on it once to highlight it, then click the “delete” button.

Expert settings