Proxy settings

The settings on this page are important when avast! needs to access the internet, for example, when carrying out updates.

If you connect directly to the internet (i.e. not through a proxy), select “Direct connection (no proxy)”. Note: dial-up connections do not use a proxy.

If you are not sure whether you use a proxy server, or which proxy server you use, select “auto detect” or ask your internet provider or network administrator.

If you connect to the internet through a proxy server and you know the proxy server details, select “Specify proxy server” and enter the proxy details:

  • Type – HTTP or SOCK4
  • Address – Enter the address of your proxy server
  • Port – Enter the port your proxy server uses
  • Authentication type – specify here whether the proxy server requires authentication and if so, the type of authentication
  • Username and password -should be entered if required for authentication

Finally, click on “Test connection” to test whether the internet connection (based on the entered settings) works.

Proxy settings