This page contains the settings to adjust the appearance of avast! and whether or not other special scans are displayed in the user interface.


  • Show avast! tray icon – the orange avast! a-ball will be displayed in your system tray (next to the clock) which indicates the status of avast!. Normally it indicates that avast! is running and all the real-time shields are active, but if it is greyed out, or has a line through it, one or more of the shields may not be active.
  • Animate the icon when scanning – whenever anything is being scanned (e.g. an email is sent/received, a file on your computer is opened, or a web page is downloaded) the a-ball icon will rotate to indicate scanning is in progress
  • Use special graphic effects – this will simply change the cosmetic appearance of some parts of the user interface

Special scans

As well as scanning your computer in real-time and allowing you to run manual scans, avast! also allows you to run a scan from Windows Explorer or to launch a scan automatically when your screen saver is activated.

If the box “Show special scans in avast! user interface” is checked, these scans will be added to the list of pre-defined scan on the Scan Now page. This will enable you to access the scan settings where you can set the various scan parameters.


  • Automatically open the Scan Results when the scan is finished

Checking this box will result in any results being displayed automatically at the end of the scan without the need to manually open the Scan Results window.