The avast! WebRep is optionally installed during the installation of avast! antivirus. Alternatively it can be installed later by opening the avast! interface, then in the “Additional Protection” tab, select WebRep and then just click “Install”. Here you can also see whether your Internet browser is supported, before you try to install it.

The WebRep is based on information received from the global avast! user community related to the content and security of visited websites, to help improve the browsing experience of all users. You can contribute your own feedback by “voting” on the content and security of websites that you visit – see below.

When you visit a website, you will see a sequence of three bars (red, yellow, or green) which tell you how the website has been rated, or when you do a search using one of the popular search engines, you will see the same color-coded indicator next to each of the listed results.

The color of the indicator tells you whether the site is rated as “good” (green), “average” (yellow), or “bad” (red). The number of bars that are highlighted indicate the strength of the rating. One, two, or three highlighted bars represent a small, limited, or large number of votes.

Clicking on the colored indicator will open a box where you can see more information about how the site has been rated and where you can also submit your own vote.

On the left side, you can see the overall rating. Below the rating, you can see smaller icons which represent the categories that the site belongs to.

On the right side, you can submit your own vote. Here you can see a single bar divided into five colored segments which you can use to assign a more detailed rating to the domain. Below this bar you can again find the category icons. Click on one or more icons to assign the domain to the relevant categories, then finally click on “vote” to submit your rating.