Main Settings

On this page you can adjust the scan sensitivity settings and also specify additional actions to be taken automatically:

  • Mark in subject field of spam messages – you can also specify on this page that a message should be inserted into the subject field of any messages that are recognized by avast! as spam. If the box is checked, the message “***SPAM***” will be inserted in the subject field. To change the message, click on “Expert settings” and type the desired message in the box provided.
  • Add recipients of outbound emails to whitelist automatically – by default, addresses to which you send emails are automatically added to the whitelist so that subsequent replies will not be treated as spam. This box is therefore always checked by default.
  • Retrieve new rules? – Here you can specify how often avast! checks for updates to the rules that are used to identify potential spam. Although the default is every 5 minutes, it doesn’t mean there will actually be an update every 5 minutes. Usually updates are much less frequent, but by checking regularly, you can make sure you will always have the most up to date rules for identifying potential spam.
  • Enable LiveFeed – If this box is checked, avast! will check all incoming emails against an online database of global spam messages before carrying out the heuristic and other checks. The majority of spam messages are detected this way so it is recommended to leave this box checked. The amount of data transferred is very small, however if you need to minimize the amount of data transferred, this can be unchecked, although this will result in a lower spam detection rate.

If you are using MS Outlook as your email client, you can also specify the name of the folder to which spam email should be moved after it is confirmed as spam. This folder will be created automatically when it’s needed and added to the folder structure in Outlook.

Main settings