avast! SafeZone

The avast! SafeZone is an additional security feature in avast! Pro Antivirus and avast! Internet Security, which allows you to browse the web in a private, secure environment, invisible to the rest of your system. For example, if you do your banking or shopping online, or other security-sensitive transactions, you can be sure that your personal data cannot be monitored by spyware or key-logging software. Unlike the avast! Sandbox, which is intended to keep everything contained inside so that it cannot harm the rest of your system, the avast! SafeZone is designed to keep everything else out.

To open the secure SafeZone desktop, just go to the “Additional Protection” tab, then open the “SafeZone” tab and click “Switch to SafeZone”

When you switch to SafeZone, the SafeZone web browser will start automatically. The SafeZone browser is a special browser without any additional components such as “plug-ins” which are often used to distribute spyware.

When you are done, click on the Start menu and select “Turn Off” to close the browser and return to your normal desktop. Your browser settings and any files that you have downloaded will be saved automatically and will be there the next time you open it. If you don’t want anything to be saved, click the “Reset SafeZone” button and everything will be deleted. The contents of the SafeZone, including all browser settings, will be reset to their original state.

Alternatively, you can just click the “switch back” button on the taskbar (next to the clock) which will return you to your normal desktop without terminating your web browser, so you can return to it later.